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五香粉 Five Spices Powder

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經常聽到很多人說, 現在的食物巳經失去了原味, 比不上以前那麼好吃了. 其實在雪隆範圍, 仍然有許多燒肉燒雞飯檔, 或大小酒樓的燒肉燒鴨部, 做出來的菜色幾十年來還可以保持不變的原香味. 他們的秘訣不外是堅持選用建發藥行兩項馳名厨界的烹飪配料: 五香粉, 胡椒粉.

建發藥行選配的五香粉, 胡椒粉, 巳經有超過60年的歷史. 雪隆各地的燒肉燒鴨專賣店, 雞飯檔, 麵家, 大小酒樓 或 漿園, 都是我們忠實的顧客群. 雖然這些飯檔生意巳經交給兒子或孫兒接手經營, 或各大小酒樓的主厨也許更換多人, 但是堅持使用有一樣烹飪配料是保持風味的不二的方法. 

建發藥行的五香粉 和 胡椒粉的應用, 巳成為許多馳名的小食店, 代代傳承的烹飪秘訣, 也是在酒樓飲食界, 師傅教導徒弟必修的內容. 60年不變香料的配方, 給予你60年不變的食物風味.

Many people often say that nowadays street foods have lost their original flavours and are not as delicious as before. Yet within the Klang Valley, there remains many very popular roadside stalls or restaurants serving roasted chicken, roasted duck and roasted pork all because they are able to keep serving food with the identical flavour and aroma since decades ago. Their secret is no other but insisting on using the two culinary ingredients produced by Kien Fatt Medical Store for professional chiefs: “Five Spices powder” and “Pepper powder”.

Kien Fatt Medical Store has been blending the same “Five Spices powder” and “Pepper powder” for more than 60 years. Roast pork and duck specialty stores, chicken rice stalls, noodle shops, restaurants, or cooking sauces factories around Klang Valley are among our most loyal customers. Although these food stalls are managed by the children or grandchildren of the original owners, or the chefs of these restaurants may have changed many times over, by insisting on using the same cooking ingredients is the only way to maintain flavour and aroma of the popular food they serve.

The use of this “Five Spices powder” and “Pepper powder” by Kien Fatt Medical Store has become the trade secret passed down from generation to generation of food operators. It is also among the curriculum in Schools of Chinese Culinary Art where Master Chiefs instil their cooking knowledge to their students. 60 years of unchanged blending formula, giving you 60 years of unchanged food flavour.

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