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Codonopsis Grade 3 三等党参 100GM

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功用: 补中益气(气短、心慌)、健脾益肺(咳嗽、胃口不佳)、降血压、增强抵抗力、补血(头晕、疲劳)、安神益智(增强记忆力)

Benefits: Improve overall vitality (suffer from shortness of breath, irregular palpitation), strengthen spleen and lung (suffer from cough, loss of appetite), reduce blood pressure, increase body endurance and immunity, promote blood circulation (less fatigue)

材料:三等无硫磺党参 Ingredients: Grade 3 Sulphur-free Angelica Dang Cen Grade 3

储存方法/Storage Instruction: 冷藏(不能冷冻)/ Keep refrigerated, do not store in the freezer

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