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天麻降亢湯包 - Qi Nourishment Herbal Soup

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具有清肝熱涼血降壓,鎮靜功效。用於 頭暈目眩耳鳴目脹,心煩心悸,狂妄燥動, 心跳劇烈, 頸項牽緊等症。亦可用於腰酸腳軟,走路不穩,舌質暗紅等症。本方能夠降低血液黏稠度, 鬆弛中樞神經, 減低心臟負擔等。服法: 四碗清水, 加入藥材慢火煎存一碗後服

This formula has the effect of reducing stresses on the heart through lowers blood viscosity, calming central nervous system & relieving smooth muscle tension. It is used for tension headaches, dizziness, anxiety, palpitation, stiff neck, tightness in the chest caused by stagnant Qi and other coronary heart diseases.

Serving : 1 person, 

Cooking Instructions:

1. Soak herbs in water then rinse well
2. Put herbs into the Pot or Slow cooker, pour 4 bowls of water
    slow boil for 1.5 to 2 hours.
3. Once the soup is shimmered down to one bowl, it's ready to consume

Storage : store in cool dry area, avoid direct sunlight

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