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十全大補 - The Complete Tonic

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本方具有培補氣血功效,適用於氣血雙虧,治諸虛百損,頭目眩暈,羸瘦不食,面色萎黃,精神倦怠,四肢乏力等症,對氣短心悸頭暈自汗,體倦乏力,四肢不溫,痢疾後,產後,手術後之營養補給,貧血,遺精,帶下,久病後視力衰退等,對治療癌症及防治療放療,化療的毒副作用,惡性腫瘤患者增加食慾有一定功效。 四碗清水, 慢火煮存一碗, 睡前服用.

This formula replenishes Yang, Qi and Blood. It is used as a tonic after chronic illness, surgery, or childbirth for a person with deficiency of Qi, Blood, Yang with cold sensation.
 It is used for such symptoms: cold hands and feet, pale complexion or sallow, dizziness, general fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitation, loss of appetite, anemia, spontaneous perspiration, menorrhagia, hectic fever in the afternoon, thirst, dry skin, rheumatism with chill sensation.

Boil the herbs in 4 bowls of water until one bowl of soup left for each consumption at bedtime.

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