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加料八珍湯 - Lady's Eight Treasures (Extra)

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當歸、川芎、芍藥、熟地、黨參、白朮、茯苓、甘草、大棗、杜仲。 凡貧血所引起之頭暈目眩,心悸,面色蒼白,病後衰弱,婦女月經不調,食慾不振全身無力感,營養不良等症。氣血兩虛,面色蒼白或萎黃,頭目暈眩,四肢倦怠,食慾不振,時常感到疲勞嗜睡,或稍稍勞累即感困倦。本方具調和榮衛,滋養血氣,對陰虛內熱,脾胃虧損,肌肉消瘦,婦人胎產崩漏,氣血俱虛者有顯效。加料杜仲強筋骨, 減輕腰酸背痛.服法五碗清水, 加入藥材慢火煎存一碗後服.

This formula is a tonic for a person with deficiency in Qi and Blood or during recovery periods from menstruation. Related symptoms are: general weakness; pale complexion; fatigue; shortness of breath; palpitation; dizziness; light-headedness; vertigo; insomnia; tired extremities; poor appetite; fullness in lower abdomen; thirsty; chills; irregular menstruation with light color and scanty flow; uterine bleeding; back pain, leg cramps especially in women. Tongue is usually light with a thin white coating. Pulse is usually thin and weak, or large, deficient, and weak..

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